Sunday, 16 April 2017

Today is Easter Sunday and typically it's a day for families to spend it together. All of the shops are shut so it's a very peaceful day!
In the modern era one of the main aspects of Easter is now Easter eggs! Yummy, hollow, chocolate eggs that are usually accompanied by a chocolate bar/bag of whichever variety. The chocolate tastes so much better than block chocolate (imo) and as a household it seems we have Easter eggs lying about for forever after Easter.
One of the things we've always done since I was a child was an Easter egg hunt. We'll be doing ours tomorrow on Easter Monday as a lot of my family are going to my grandparents house - I can't wait, it should be so fun, especially considering my mum is making the clues so we might be trying to find them all day!
Another thing we always do is have a big roast with all of the trimmings - I'll take any excuse to have a roast dinner.
It's always nice to go for a walk in the evening to chill and unwind and I find the whole holiday such a lovely, relaxing time.
Finally, every day we play and look after and love our rabbits. Theo(left) and Elmo(right) have been such bundles of joys in our lives these past nearly 4 years. They are perfect in every way and I'm so happy we get to spend Easter and the rest of their lives with them and nourishing them. And if I could, I'd take them on our Easter egg hunt! I imagine they'd be the winners!

Happy Easter! Enjoy whatever it is you'll be doing.

I hope you enjoyed reading, 
Holly x

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dior Forever Foundation

My sister bought the Dior Forever Skin Foundation for me for christmas, but the shade was too dark for me. It has taken me three months to go into town and sort it, but now I have a shade that is absolutely perfect for my skin.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this foundation. I thought that with it being a matte foundation it might be slightly heavy and sink in around my nose and on my smile lines, however it does none of that. It blends seamlessly on the skin and gives a matte finish that almost has a slight sheen to it - nothing too much though. I would consider the coverage to be high, especially when built up, but I think it might sit around the medium-high category in comparison to others.
The longevity is amazing and I've worn it on numerous long days and it still looks just as good as I applied it. It does wear off slightly around my nose, but every foundation I use does that so I can't complain! Another bonus is it has spf 35 which is so good.

I have shade 11 and it's a perfect match. The lady who matched me was so lovely and the combination of great service from Dior and how fab the product is will certainly mean I make future purchases. Also, the packaging is beautiful! This has soon become the foundation I'm reaching for most regularly and I'm so intrigued to see what the other foundations that Dior offers are like.

Have you tried any Dior foundations?
I hope you enjoyed reading,
Holly x

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Becca Blushed With Light Palette

Becca stands out to me as a brand primarily because of the Jaclyn Hill highlighter, however I've been curious to try their other offerings. They brought out a blush palette - the Blushed With Light Palette

It has three very different shades in it in regards to colour and at the moment my favourite is the far left - Wisteria - as it's very a very subtle pinky/nude and looks good with any look. Songbird almost doubles up as a blusher and bronzer as it has that warmth to it and Snapdragon is a very vibrant strong dark pink with gold flecks running though.
They are all finally milled and apply beautifully. Some blushers can sometimes look too powdery and as if they just sit on the skin however these blend really nice into what ever is already on the face.

I'm super impressed with these and definitely will purchase more. They have definitely lived up to my expectations!

Have you tried any Becca Blushers?
I hope you enjoyed reading, 
Holly x

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Favourite hair care!

I am a massive hair fanatic and even though I don't style my hair in that many styles I really enjoy looking after it. My hair care collection has grown to be quite extensive over the last few months and there are some things that are real staples in my collection and routine (apart from shampoo and conditioner)

Every time before I wash my hair I deep condition it. There's something very relaxing about lathering my hair with something that feels really luxurious and letting it do its magic before I hop in a shower. I really enjoy the one that Mark Hill does, as well as the Lee Stafford Fix it treatment and the Aussie three minute miracle range (they smell so good! I've noticed my hair looks a lot healthier since I've been using deep conditioner and it is probably my favourite step out of them all.

Once I've towel dried my hair I always put some sort of oil on the ends and through the lengths. My hair can sometimes be quite dry so I find this step adds in shine as well as moisture. I have a few on the go, because I can never be consistent with each product, and so some of my favourites are the Mark Hill (can you tell I like the brand?) XL volume serum, the OGX weightless revising oil treatment and the John Frieda repairing oil elixir. Also none of the ones I own make my hair feel heavy or greasy as some oils do!

Another product that has made its way into my daily routine is a shine spray. Pictured is a 'gloss' spray by Charles Worthington, but there are some great ones out there and I must have about 5 in my collection, no where near as many as the amount of masks and oils I own however! L'Oréal do a wonderful mist - the miracle shine booster and Mark Hill (again!) have a 'taming humidity spray' which doubles up as a shine spray and a protection spray against the sun! Bonus. A spray is always something I use before heading out the door  and I find it makes my hair look really nourished and healthy.

The last product is dry shampoo. Everyone and their mother is on board this wagon, however I've never seen the appeal. My hair is usually pretty good and doesn't get greasy very often and I wash it every other day so I never thought I needed it. However I thought I'd try it and I'm pretty impressed. I have an Aussie one - the festival fresh bottle and it's great for adding a bit of volume and texture however I've gone over board a couple of times and it's left my hair feeling quite wet.

My hair seems to be in much better condition now and it feels healthier as well. I'm so happy with it and all of the products in my rapidly growing collection.

What products are your favourites in your routine?

I hope you enjoyed reading,

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation.

Recently I had a sample for the Laura Mercier Candleglow foundation and purchased the full size because of how good my first impressions were.
It's has quite a moose like consistency and feels very creamy when it's being applied. It has a fairly decent coverage and is definitely buildable, but doesn't leave the skin feeling heavy or tacky at all. It's incredibly dewy also which I love! The shade I have is such a good match for me and they have a huge variety of shades to suit everyone.

The packaging is so sleek and for the few times that I've used it I'm super impressed.

Have you used any Laura Mercier foundations before? I hope you enjoyed reading, 

Holly x

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Violet Voss Holy Grail

The other day the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette came back into stock on Beauty Bay and I snapped it up within minutes. My sister and I decided to half the cost and share the palette because I have a fair few palettes.

I've heard all the hype around this palette so was excited to try it out for myself when it arrived and I am so impressed. I haven't used all of the shades yet, however 'toffee' and 'poof' are already firm favourites. The pigmentation of the shades is so good, comparable to MAC and urban decay and they are so easy to blend. I found the foiled eyeshadow took a little more work than the ordinary ones, but aside from that they blend really easily and have a buttery consistency.

The shade range is fab and the paler shades are so perfect for brow bone/inner corner highlight. My sister has claimed the bottom right hand two shades because I won't wear those deep red shades as I don't think they suit me, but the rest I will definitely wear and I am excited to uncover lots of combinations.

This palette is seriously beautiful and I am so glad I got my hands on it. Im looking forward to creating lots of looks and will definitely purchase from Violet Voss again!

Have you tried anything from them?

I hope you enjoyed reading, 
Holly x

Sunday, 29 January 2017

3 new eye products!

Over the past month or so I've been using a combination of products on my eyes that have helped me look more awake. I picked up a new mascara by L'Oréal - False lash flutter in midnight black and it is so good! It coats every single lash and creates such length to my eyelashes. It creates such volume to my lashes, but doesn't clump.
On my water line I've been using a white L'Oréal eyeliner which I've found to really open my eyes and brighten them. The longevity isn't the best as it slightly fades throughout the day however even at the end of the day I look more awake than I would had I not put it on. Finally in my inter corners I've been using Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma. It is the most beautiful inner corner highlight and does such a good job of brightening my eyes. It's so pigmented and long lasting.

I've found that these products have instantly made me look more awake and brightened my entire eye area, especially when I know I look tired.

I hope you enjoyed reading,
Holly x